First Financial Bank Branches Out

Cincinnati-based First Financial came to us as a new client with a desire to further engage the community and strengthen its local business relationships. They asked us to design a new brand identity along with a cohesive small-branch experience that would promote product awareness and provide convenient banking for the local neighborhood and its businesses.

Cool. Been there, created that.

First Financial First Financial

But what they REALLY wanted was to shake up the status quo and create a banking experience like none before it; one that matches the fresh brand experience we developed and establishes an undeniable presence in the heart of Cincinnati’s financial district, connecting the city’s rich history with that of the First Financial brand.

And it should:

  • Attract new business and talent, yet still wow current clientele
  • Include workspace that inspires and encourages collaboration, yet offers privacy when needed
  • Emphasize community with a space for hospitality, yet still perform the standard transactional functions every bank branch needs to

So, we got to work.

First Financial

Un-thinking the Bank

We proposed a highly visible central “community” area where clients could attend seminars, classes, larger events, or even hang out and enjoy a beverage. These large, multi-use spaces would be a key element in this new approach—a modern work-and stay-space that would encourage collaboration and communication among different lines of business. Private areas would provide discretion when needed.

First Financial

Open Spaces. Open Minds

In the end, we helped create a revolutionary space that totally changes the typical financial office vibe, promoting trust and providing a connected way to work and socialize with clients. The results opened stakeholders’ eyes, changed old habits and communication styles, and benefited the company and community alike.

The revitalized building re-affirms First Financial as a modern, trustworthy resource in the heart of Cincinnati. With its impressive open spaces, everything feels iconic and connected, empowering customers and associates to seamlessly build relationships grounded in transparency and integrated expertise.

First Financial First Financial

Photographer credit: Steve Ziegelmeyer