Branded Financial Experiences

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Raise your hand if you go to the bank? When was the last time you actually stepped foot in a bank? Fair questions, for sure.

But consider this question: When was the last time your bank went through a redesign centered on the customer experience?

Branded Financial Experiences

The scary reality is that retail banks are out of touch with what people want, with attempts at branch experience “transformation,” resulting in only a pretty interior and nods toward neighborliness. Meanwhile, today’s fickle, non-committed consumers have a strong digital bank preference and are driving the industry.

In other words, the digital “branch” in their pocket is winning.

Our answers to the tough banking questions are to put the retail back into retail banking and to bring the community back into the community bank.

  • In our The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of 2020 study, we examine customers’ rankings of the biggest banks. With Chase’s emphasis on the customer and digital, it’s no surprise they’re at the top of the list with a 34% good score, followed by Capital One at 26% and Bank of America at 25%.
  • We’ve designed spaces that look nothing like—and function nothing like—yesterday’s banks for two of the leading banks in the country—First Financial Bank and Huntington National Bank.
  • Our retail portfolio strategy helps brands create an expertly designed system of integrated parts and operations, achieving scale with customers and brand in mind.
  • Banks have some of the most valuable real estate out there. A shift in thinking to put the retail back into retail banking allows them to take advantage of their important assets. Download our retail banking POV.
When most of the physical banks of today opened, people had to handle banking tasks there. Now, they don’t! That doesn’t mean physical banks need to go away. In our eyes, it indicates that banks need a complete overhaul. The good news is that we’ve been revitalizing stores, restaurants, and banks for decades. Is your bank ready for a redesign? Contact us at TalkWithUs@wdpartners.com.
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