The Cure for the Common Co-Work Culture

WeWork’s community-centric co-work experiences embrace the ideal that modern success includes both personal fulfillment and a healthy bottom line. As a continuation of our relationship with WeWork and part of its global expansion, WeWork looked to WD to manage the rollout on both coasts of the US and across the Indian sub-continent in a way that embraces the local cultures and surroundings.


WeWorked the Partnerships

Our thorough understanding of the industry’s unique demands and our proven history of process-driven efficiency let us capitalize by scaling up and partnering to complete the expansion.


WeWorked the Strategy

Streamlined collaboration, maximized resources, and expedited results all helped propel a more efficient buildout of the WeWork environments. Consistent contact through WD-led workshops, frequent calls, discussions, and site visits helped maintain momentum.


WeWorked the Technology

By creating a 3D Building Information Model (BIM), project management became more collaborative and efficient. BIM’s knowledge-sharing capability helped reduce information loss during transfer of project ownership. BIM also enabled us to quickly provide more extensive information to the owners in a very clear and understandable way.


It All Just Worked

Thanks to a robust knowledge exchange between architecture and engineering, site management was a collective effort and any issues were resolved efficiently, resulting in the creation of vibrant and lively co-work environments that now fully realize all the must-haves of WeWork’s clients throughout India and several locations in the US.

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