Scaling New Healthcare Concepts When It’s Needed Most

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Private equity backed healthcare concepts have a unique opportunity to scale

  • The difficult financial position of healthcare systems + extraordinary opportunities in the real estate market = PE firms can find growth opportunities in a unique pandemic market
  • Healthcare has traditionally embraced a one-off mentality in facility planning, viewing each unit as a unique project creating inefficiencies and higher costs
  • Whether it’s new alternative, consumer-driven concepts or rolled up specialty practices, consolidation is creating larger "chain" healthcare organizations with the ability to scale nationally or in extended regions

Many health concepts are ready for rapid expansion to achieve growth goals and leverage first mover advantage in a changing health landscape. Concepts ready for scale include:

Urgent Care
Women's Health
Alternative Primary Care/Concierge
Behavioral Health
Pain Clinics
Gastroenterology Clinics
Allergy Care
Dermatology and Medi-spas
Sports Medicine Centers
Plasma Centers
Urology Clinics
Dialysis Centers
Physical Therapy Centers
Testing/Imaging Centers

WD Partners has helped clients bring experiences to scale for decades, and we can help you.

Experience Design

Our clients include leading brands like Starbucks, Target, CVS, Shake Shack, The Home Depot, and many other experiences consumers enjoy and seek out.

We bring this retail and consumer-centered approach to the design of healthcare experiences.

Scaling Brand Experiences

Our multi-unit execution work with leading retailers and food service brands requires much more efficiency and standardization to scale hundreds of units per year, nationally and globally.

We have created an organization purpose-built to provide rapid, efficient and well-executed scaled rollout, with capabilities such as:

  • Registration in all 50 states and Canada
  • International teams in India to provide round the clock work output
  • 13 regional offices
  • Fully integrated architecture, engineering (including structural, mechanical, electrical/energy, plumbing, and civil), permitting, and construction management/administration
  • Operations strategy and design to ensure efficient and effective workflow, labor, and equipment processes
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to provide greater insight, streamline collaboration and manage cost
  • 3D scanning technology to quickly and accurately perform site surveys and capture as built conditions
  • Experienced staff who have produced standards and guidelines for the largest chains in the world from large, complex structures to smaller environments

WD Partners would love to speak to your team to help you move to the next level rapidly. Please contact Dan.Stanek@wdpartners.com for more information.

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