Winning in Today’s Retail Ecosystem

Why Other Retailers Should Take the DICK'S Sporting Goods Approach

In today’s retail landscape, brands and retailers must overcome a myriad of hurdles, from inflation to supply chain disruptions to the changing needs and desires of new demographics and generations in order to maintain a competitive edge. Just to name a few. How can retailers expect to keep up and thrive in the next quarter? Year? Decade? The truth is, they can’t. And that’s why DICK’S Sporting Goods embarked on an unprecedented quest to put their stores out of business before someone else did.

In this POV, we explore how DICK’S Sporting Goods has embraced innovation to stay ahead in a rapidly changing retail landscape. From redefining the in-store experience to meeting evolving customer needs, there’s a lot to learn from their approach.

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Winning in Today’s Retail Ecosystem

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