Amazon Be Slayin’ It!

The Secrets to Retail Success: How Amazon, Target, and More Took the Industry by Storm

Amazon Be Slayin’ It!

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In the past year, our industry has experienced an incredible amount of intensity and change. Amidst the chaos, many brands, stores, restaurants, and chains have risen to the challenge and found a way to succeed. To borrow a phrase from the legendary Beyonce, they’ve unquestionable “slayed it.”

How did they do it? They listened to their consumers. They paid close attention, learned, and truly understood what the consumers wanted and needed, and then they made it happen. We took it to the streets to ask your consumers exactly which brands they thought killed it these last 12 months and why.

The big guys (Amazon, Target & Walmart) were clear favorites, with Amazon getting 30% of the votes, followed closely by Target at 25%, and Walmart at 15%.

The big guys (Amazon, Target & Walmart) were clear favorites with Amazon getting 30% of the votes followed closely by Target at 25% and Walmart at 15%

Here’s what a few of these satisfied consumers had to say about their favorite brands:

Amazon – "The anything store… and you get anything NOW."
Target – "They regularly introduce new products that accommodate all different people and styles."

Chick-Fil-A - Their online (app) ordering and pickup is first class. Also have you been through their drive-thru? I've never seen a more well-run machine.

Target – "It was clear from 'day one' that they took the situation seriously. Their staff appeared to be the best trained during this pandemic and their in-store communications became more prominent."
Amazon – "I don’t even search on google anymore. When I need something, I go straight to Amazon first and use that as my search engine. Product on my porch within a few days and easy returns if it doesn’t work out."
Pelaton – "The company’s success was definitely fueled by the pandemic, as staying home forced people to look towards alternate fitness routines. However, the brand has proven to be adaptable, and its marketing relies on building a sense of community among its consumers."

Walmart - I love all the ordering options from Walmart - online ordering, delivery, curb-side pick-up, and in-store shopping – I can shop the way I want to.

Target – "BOPIS and drive-up pick up is super-efficient and they always have a greeter at a pulpit who is offering masks and sanitizer."

Amazon - They are making returns super easy and convenient. I can return something I bought off Amazon at a Kohl's.

This past year has been a true testament to the power of understanding and meeting consumer needs. Amazon, Target, and other standout brands have not only listened but also delivered, earning the loyalty and admiration of their customers. They’ve proven that by staying attuned to consumers and adapting to change, success is within reach.

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