WD Partners, Jody Wasbro: It’s Not a Straight Line

Circular, back & forth, roundabout and all the ways in between getting to what’s next after all of this won’t be a straight line for many brands. The idea of testing & learning has never been more necessary. As the landscape continues to change how are consumer expectations also changing as they embrace the idea of ‘contactless shopping’ and begin to reengage in a physical shopping experience. Jody sees the ‘wins’ as being the brands walking the talk. Those that are helping their communities, customers & associates in a purposeful way. In this episode, Lee Peterson & Jody Wasbro, SVP Strategy & Experience Design at WD Partners, discuss trends like delivery, order ahead, and BOPIS that have been accelerated due to the crisis, as well as the opportunity for brands to blur the lines of their offering (services, products, community involvement) to come out on top.

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WD Partners, Jody Wasbro: It’s Not a Straight Line

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