Young China Group, Zak Dychtwald; A Coronavirus Refugee

Imagine getting a call from your friend about an upcoming trip you have planned to Wuhan, China in which he tells you, ‘hey buddy you might want to wait a couple weeks and see how this whole virus thing shakes out.’ That’s exactly what happened to Zak Dychtwald, a self-proclaimed Coronavirus Refugee. But Zak’s relationship with China goes back way farther than last December, Zak is an expert on the post 90’s generation in China (what we call millennials in the states). In fact, he’s done Ted Talks on it (google it, it’s amazing), he’s written a book on it and he’s even started a company about it (The Young China Group). This week we’re honored to have Zak join Lee Peterson where they discuss many things including the cultural divide between Hong Kong and mainland China, the sea change in China in the past years and how we’re seeing both the best and the worst of the Chinese government in response to COVID-19, and the stress test taking placed between young people and the Chinese government.

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Zak Dychtwald

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