"If you don't think Amazon is a problem for your business, you are wrong, you are living under a rock. It's time to come out. The very concept of online shopping has become synonymous with Amazon."


Lee (full bio) has more than 30 years of collective experience as a retailer, a strategist, a public speaker and as a leading voice in the future of retail. He brings an innovative approach to modern retail by understanding cultural trends, consumer demographics, and buying behavior across multiple industries. Lee offers a well-rounded and informed dialogue on advanced customer experience, and believes that stores have a crucial role in the new dawn of retail.

Lee has presented the findings from multiple WD research studies including: Apocalypse to Relevance, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Omni-Channel is BS, The One-Click Store of the Future and The DNA of the Digital Native Audience (DNA), To Be or Not To Be, Alibaba Saves the Store, Amazon Can't Do That & The Next Killer App: Stores at major industry events including: NRF, IRDC, Retail Spaces, X-SPECS, SPECS, New Retail Day Sweden, ShopTalk, AAPEX, CACDS/NPAC, Business Arena Stockholm, GlobalShop, EuroShop, Danish Marketing Association, JDS Solutions, SCALA, in addition to numerous private client sessions for: The Home Depot, Electrolux, Ann Taylor, P&G, Walmart, Rack Room Shoes, and Staples.

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