Lee Peterson

“When we asked 2,500 consumers, ‘how many of you will be going back to work 100% of the time?’, not one of them said they would be. That’s the first time we’ve ever done research of that magnitude and gotten a ‘zero’ on a question.”


Voted best speaker at NRF’s Big Show ’19!

Lee Peterson (full bio) has more than 30 years of collective experience as a retailer, a strategist, a public speaker and as a leading voice in the future of retail. He brings an innovative approach to modern retail by understanding cultural trends, consumer demographics, and buying behavior across multiple industries. Lee offers a well-rounded and informed dialogue on advanced customer experience, and believes that stores have a crucial role in the new dawn of retail.

Lee has presented the findings from multiple WD research studies including: Can Resale Save the Store?, Retail Supernova, The Store of the Future is Not a Store, Amazon Won, Now What?, Apocalypse to Relevance, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Omni-Channel is BS, The One-Click Store of the Future and The DNA of the Digital Native Audience (DNA), To Be or Not To Be, Alibaba Saves the Store, Amazon Can't Do That, and The Next Killer App: Stores at major industry events including: NRF, IRDC, Retail Spaces, X-SPECS, SPECS, New Retail Day Sweden, ShopTalk, AAPEX, CACDS/NPAC, Business Arena Stockholm, GlobalShop, EuroShop, Danish Marketing Association, JDS Solutions, SCALA, in addition to numerous private client sessions for: The Home Depot, Electrolux, Ann Taylor, P&G, Walmart, Rack Room Shoes, and Staples.

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