WD Partners, Dan Stanek: Playing Catch-Up

Healthcare in general is 15-20 years behind retail. The industry has had the luxury of doing things on their terms instead of their patients’ (or as this week’s guest calls them—customers) terms. While a shift toward customer-centric healthcare has been mounting, the recent pandemic crisis has catapulted the industry into major change. For example, telehealth has come to the forefront, with forced adoption for both patients and doctors as many states enacted stay-at-home orders. In fact, some people will have no desire to go back to in-person doctor visits after experiencing the convenience of telehealth. This week, Dan Stanek, EVP at WD Partners, joins Lee Peterson to discuss the shift for the health and wellness industry to focus around the customer need states and changing demands.

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WD Partners, Dan Stanek: Playing Catch-Up

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