2024 Health + Wellness Trends

Our Predictions on Key Trends Shaping Health + Wellness

2024 Health + Wellness Trends

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Welcome to our insights on the most anticipated Health + Wellness Trends for 2024. In this article, our resident Health + Wellness practice leader and EVP, Dan Stanek, shares his predictions for the top three trends shaping the Health + Wellness landscape this year.

Trend #1: Health in Your Pocket

Health technology and monitoring continue to advance and explode in use. As 2024 unfolds, we will see more advanced capabilities and easier to use wearables, apps, and digital monitoring devices. Specialized devices and applications for more conditions such as diabetes, fertility, diet, sleep, stress and many others will increase rapidly.

Trend #2: You Are What You Eat

Food as medicine will continue to catch hold as the links between gut biome/gut health and various health issues are explored, and as more attention is given to weight and obesity due to new medicines such as Semaglutide (Wegovy, Ozempic, Rybelsus).

Trend #3: Forever Young

Med Spas and new cosmeceuticals are helping consumers turn back the clock on their appearance and defy aging. This phenomenon will persist as new procedures are developed and promoted by celebrities and social media. Attention to aging and longevity science will emerge as a key topic.

Why WD Partners

WD Partners’ decades of experience assisting some of the largest retail brands in the world combined with our innovative practice in Health + Wellness brings a unique combination of expertise to these markets. Our skills in innovating new concepts, optimizing those concepts for scale, and rapidly scaling multi-unit rollout programs nationally and internationally, provides immense capabilities to achieve growth goals across the Health + Wellness space. If you’d like to discuss more with our Health + Wellness Practice, please contact Dan Stanek at or Kate Fisher at

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