Chief Content Officer at Stylograph, Nita Rollins: The Doctor is In

We haven’t met anyone with a resume like Nita Rollins. She’s a journalist, meets film and art critic, meets marketer, meets critical studies major, meets cultural semiotician and futurist. And a doctor. Did we mention she’s a doctor?! While the organizations she’s associated with are impressive to say the least, Nita is on a new adventure. A company she launched called Stylograph—at a fundamental level, it’s a full-service organic content marketing consultancy, but with Nita at the wheel, it’s so much more. In this episode, Lee Peterson and Dr. Nita Rollins discuss how she got to her current career of choice, why it’s important for her to bring her personal passions into her everyday work, how brands (at least the good ones) recognize the importance of being a publisher, and her love of a beautiful head scarf.

1:50 – One of the most interesting resumes in the world
9:55 – The world could use Nita Rollins
16:40 – Talk to us about Stylograph
22:07 – The modern expression of a brand
24:20 – The juxtaposition of Jumbo Shrimp
27:48 – Sustainable fashion
30:34 – Being inspired by nature
33:14 – Cuba & the National Hotel
36:23 – Fearless fashion

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Chief Content Officer at Stylograph, Nita Rollins: The Doctor is In

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