Chris McFadden, Managing Director of Healthcare at KKR: From “Can We Do This” to “How Do We Do This”

Healthcare is an ever-expanding industry. It’s an evolving market that craves innovation. The industry has shifted from “can we do this” to “how do we do this.” Consumers are seeing changes in how patients receive care, new technology use, and structural changes in the industry itself. We invited Chris McFadden to chat with us on these essential topics. Chris is managing director of healthcare at KKR, a leading global investment firm. He joins WD’s Dan Stanek to discuss the latest emerging topics in the healthcare industry, and what role the industry plays in the overall portfolio of the company.

1:00 – Meet KKR’s Chris
2:33 – KKR’s Role in Healthcare
4:17 – What Characteristics Are Valued as an Investment?
6:28 – Landscape Changes
11:39 – Pros and Cons of Home Health
18:13 – Big Tech Companies + Healthcare
22:55 – The Challenge of How
24:39 – The Pandemic’s Lasting Effects
28:30 – A Conversation About Industry Structure

Listen to the Podcast

Chris Mcfadden, Managing Director of Healthcare at KKR: From "Can We Do This" to "How Do We Do This"

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