Anna Carlsson: Is Resale the New Retail? Ask Gen Z

Gen Z'ers have picked up on a shopping "trend" that is paving a new way of shopping for generations to come: shopping used/vintage/resale goods. Why shop resale? We looked to an expert for some answers. Anna is a Gen Z'er in New York City that has shopped used products for most her life – including furniture, clothing, household items, etc. Anna shares her story on how she entered the world of resale and why introducing used sections in stores may be beneficial for retailers in industries across the board. There is plenty of opportunity for retailers both online and in-store to expand their markets by tuning into the latest trends.

2:03 – Meet the Gen Z Shopper
3:22 – Resale Store vs. Buying New
5:26 – Trending Now: Vintage
7:57 – Why Shop Used?
10:35 – TikTok's Influence
11:50 – C2C Resale
15:17 – In-Store or Online?
18:06 – It's Just the Beginning

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