Seana Strawn, Head of Home Furnishing Identity & Retail Design at IKEA: Big Store, Bigger Ideas

DIY assembly furniture, Swedish meatballs, enviable showrooms, & ball pits in Småland… sound familiar? Yes, we are talking about the iconic home furnishing store, IKEA. And to make you adore them even more we spoke with Seana Strawn, Head of Home Furnishing Identity & Retail Design, on IKEA‘s quest towards a sustainable planet. Seana comes with 23 years of experience in the home furnishing industry, and she shares her passion for how the brand is embracing climate change as an opportunity and big responsibility. One of the ways IKEA is taking action is through their Circularity Hubs designed for refurbished items only. Listen to the episode to learn more about IKEA’s sustainability efforts, customer-centric practices, and their 5 principles of home furnishing identity.

1:20 – Meet Seana
2:47 – A Back Story on IKEA
5:04 – Test & Learn Approach
7:50 – It’s About the People
10:19 – IKEA’s Target Customer
11:14 – Let’s Talk Sustainability
16:19 – A New Circularity Hub
22:57 – What’s Next?
24:41 – Big vs. Small IKEA Stores
27:08 – Home Furnishing Identity
28:20 – The Personal Side of Seana

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