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Apocalypse to Relevance

What does tomorrow's mall look like to consumers?

Completely different than today's mall.

We all know that the variables leading to the decline of malls are legion: Amazon, the proliferation of power centers, lackluster remodels, cannibalization of old malls by new malls, lack of investment. The entire idea of a mall needs more than a new look. It needs more than a reinvented anchor. It needs more than a new mix of specialty retail. It’s time for full-scale reinvention. This, we believe, is the central idea we got from over 4,000 consumers surveyed in our most recent study…

In this paper, you will learn:

  • The untapped potential in vulnerable real estate spaces
  • How to make malls not just useful, but desirous to shoppers again
  • How brands might re-claim and become mall anchors themselves
  • What concepts will best prompt shoppers to visit the mall again, and possibly more often than before

Can the industry reinvent the mall and save specialty retail before it’s too late? Yes, we think there is still hope. Get the paper to learn how to bring shoppers back inside physical spaces again.

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