An Urban Dealership That Delivers on Transparency and a Seamless Customer Experience


What did we do?

Created a customer-centered, small footprint facility with an elevated sales and service experience

Alleviated pain points with a digital-forward dealership design

Choreographed an evolved guest journey to deliver on expectations and drive engagement

Used creative thinking and the test-and-learn approach to navigate multiple dynamics and provide an innovative, approvable and constructable solution

Have a seat, we’ll take it from here



Completed customer journey mapping and consumer research to improve the guest journey and refine our final service-led, small showroom concept

Audi/Sonic Automotive Case Study by WD Partners


Designed a first-of-its-kind small format showroom that is hospitality-driven, scalable, leverages technology, and creates an innovative customer experience

Architecture & Engineering

Converted a warehouse in a special use district with a complex layer of restrictions into a functional, seamless, premium brand customer experience

Development Services

Negotiated a rezoning and compliance process that gained our client approval to convert the space into a service center for automotives

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