A Beefed-Up Kitchen Experience with a Side of Operations

Burger King

What did we do?

Put the flame-grill front and center at a redesigned Burger King restaurant

Executed extensive primary research in our in-house Retail Theater

Used consumer insights gathered to design the Kitchen Theatre and ensured design met operations parameters

Developed a VR experience that allowed franchisees to see the new kitchen from three different viewpoints – queuing, prep area and drive-thru

Can we get ketchup with that?



Employed layers of testing to make certain the design enhanced the kitchen for stakeholders from franchisees to customers


Showcased ingredients and prep by making it visible from the front counter of the restaurant


Partnered with the BK operations team to assess and manage operations costs and feasibility


Created a fly-thru video so that BK partners could experience the new kitchen layout without leaving the sales conference

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