Serving up Doughnuts from a One-of-a-Kind Store Design All the Way to Times Square

If you’re looking for the ultimate Krispy Kreme, it might just be the brand new store in Concord, NC – the first comprehensive shop redesign in more than a decade. We’re getting hungry just thinking about the fresh offerings.

Krispy Kreme

Unique Treats, Unique Seats

When Krispy Kreme came to WD Partners, they were looking for a way to build the unique store efficiently, so it could be used as a model for future stores.

The shop features a taste of what’s to come from the brand: doughnut-infused ice cream available in both milkshakes and scoop sandwiches, as well as an array of new shop experiences, including the ability for guests to customize the iconic Original Glazed® Doughnut.

Doughnut lovers can take part in an enhanced doughnut theater experience, offering an end-to-end view of the doughnut-making process, or they can take their treats outside to the front patio.

Krispy Kreme

Delivering Ops Value and a Sweet Design

Our operations strategy & design team thrives on a challenge like this. The team found opportunities to streamline manufacturing and improve the workflow behind the counter and in the two-lane drive-thru service. Speaking of the drive-thru, we brought some of the doughnut-making theater to those in the drive-thru lanes by extending glass windows across two-thirds of the side of the building. To ensure brand consistency, we utilized our deep knowledge of the Krispy Kreme brand to ensure the build was brand-right and did not feel like a new prototype within the chain.

In the end, we met Krispy Kreme’s goals by lowering building costs while enhancing the customer experience.

If you can’t make it to North Carolina for the new Krispy Kreme creations…

Krispy Kreme

A Flagship-Sized Sweet Tooth

Coming in 2020, the Krispy Kreme Times Square Flagship will be open 24/7, fitting for its prime location in one of the most heavily trafficked spots on the planet. The Times Square Flagship will serve more guests annually than any other Krispy Kreme location in the world with 6 times more doughnuts than the average location.

Working closely with Krispy Kreme team, through capacity analysis, WD determined that two production lines were needed to meet the anticipated volumes and keep the Hot Light lit as often as possible. Our team assessed the situation and developed the operations model that would meet demand and give those visitors the most awesome NYC doughnut experience imaginable.

It’s always a unique opportunity when we are working on operations for a flagship environment. To help Krispy Kreme deliver dozens and dozens of doughnuts in the heart of NYC makes it even sweeter.

Krispy Kreme