A Dining Experience that Brought Students Back to School

Higher Education / Aramark

What did we do?

Sent buffet-style dining packing and created a unique food hall dining experience

Researched Gen Z and Millennial food habits to inform the design and ensure each concept fit into the overall food hall experience

Developed a unique brand identity for each food concept

Used operations engineering to design each concept to feel as if it stands alone from the student’s perspective

The way to a student’s heart is through their stomachs



Grounded the design through talking to students to get their perspective on the food hall

Georgetown University/Aramark


Employed the brand identities through graphics, signage, packaging, materials, and fixtures


Executed an operations assessment to determine peak meal times in order to accommodate students via the multiple food venues

Georgetown University/Aramark

Architecture & Engineering

Structured the space to accommodate multiple unique concepts within one food hall

Georgetown University/Aramark

Development Services

Employed program management services to conduct the complex, unique two-story build

Higher Education/Aramark Development Services by WD Partners
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