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Health & Wellness

a transforming industry drives new thinking

Shifting market models.

Evolving consumer attitudes and expectations.

New opportunities.

The evolving dynamics of this exploding market are creating dramatic needs for clients to innovate and rethink approaches to consumers in a holistic experiential manner. WD is poised to assist clients as they:

  • Understand, innovate and improve holistic customer experiences in health and wellness
  • Create new models and concepts to serve this market
  • Take ideas and innovation from experimentation to reality and scale

WD Partners has been serving the Health and Wellness market for many years, applying a blend of unique capabilities, thinking and approaches to this growing and evolving sector.

Below are a few of our in market examples

Starting with primary research conducted in 2015, we have been following several revolutionary movements that are transforming the landscape of health and wellness.

The Retailization of Healthcare

While retailers become more aggressive with opening in-store clinics and offering the consumer better access and convenience, traditional healthcare providers are responding with a dedicated focus on improving the “patient experience.” New models and concepts are emerging that blend elements of retail location and store characteristics, while providing services that used to be reserved for purely clinical environment. An entire class of specialty medical retail concepts are filling the spaces that used to house retail stores and malls.

Aging in Style

There has never been a time in history when there have been more older people on the planet. The fastest growing segment of the US population is over 85 and the massive baby boom generation is entering its 70’s. Aging brings needs and realities that are inescapable, but that doesn’t stop these consumers from trying to escape them. Age-defying products and procedures are rapidly emerging and becoming commonplace. Older consumers are also demanding the convenience, amenities and experiences that they can afford and have been accustomed to.

Wellness = Lifestyle

For an increasing number of people around the world, wellness is not an outcome, it is a way of life and even a passion. This has stimulated an entire market of fitness, nutrition, travel, and spa experiences and habits. This psychographic segment is being noticed across a wide spectrum of industries from hotels and cruise lines to retailers and consumer brands. The opportunity to tap into this lifestyle is therefore creating new offers, merchandising stories, and entire models.

Fueling these macro-movements are a series of market forces

  • Consumerism – access to information and increasing consumer involvement in self-care, choice, and payment.
  • Technology – wearables, personal technology and new advances like telemedicine are enabling new ways to deliver health services.
  • Big data – health records, testing, and personal diagnostic information are becoming a key component.
  • New products – consumer goods and home devices are feeding the market and struggling to find the right message and channel.

All of these market movements and forces are culminating in the need for new, consumer-driven, health and wellness experiences that incorporate the best practices of retail, medical care, and wellness lifestyle habits. WD Partners is well-suited to lead clients in the development of these innovative new experiences.

For more information on how WD can assist you with your Health & Wellness strategy please contact:

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