Orange Is the New Black

The Home Depot

What did we do?

Evolving the in-store experience for professional doers and DIYers alike

Partnered with The Home Depot to create the brand’s Innovation Store

Designed the store to be used as a prototype for new stores

Crafted a “total store” plan to allow for more associate assistance and a better shopping experience

Orange aprons assemble!



Identified insights about the ways customers shop using the customer journey

    The Home Depot Ranked as #3 Good Brand in GBU20 Study


    We partnered with The Home Depot to update wayfinding and key areas throughout the store to make them even more customer-friendly

      The Home Depot
      The Home Depot
      The Home Depot
      The Home Depot
      We've completed over 2,000 projects with The Home Depot since 1999


      In order to fulfill online order pickup quicker, we streamlined BOPIS and added self-service lockers

        Architecture & Engineering

        Scaled the solutions at 1,200 locations throughout the chain

          The Home Depot
          The Home Depot
          For three years BOPIS has been the #1 choice for the type of retail innovations customers want from retailers