Jen Peterson, CEO of Easton Town Center: Back to the Town Center

This episode of WDCast hits home, literally, as we talk about the success story of a well-known shopping center here in WD’s home base: Columbus, OH! We invited CEO of Easton Town Center, Jen Peterson, to share how the space has transitioned from a shopping center to a welcoming neighborhood that has something to offer every guest. Strategizing vendors and fabricating experiences throughout the space are two integral pieces that make this shopping center earn #1 in the country by Chain Store Age. Warning: Listening to this episode will get you in the holiday shopping spirit. Listen now!

1:49 – Meet Jen
5:12 – The town of Easton Town Center
7:00 – Strategizing Tenants
9:53 – The Shopping Center of the Future
11:10 – Multiple Choice of the Shopping Experience
12:37 – Advice From Jen
18:11 – The Man Behind the Curtain
21:23 – Christmas ‘21
22:24 – Coming Soon
27:28 – Predictions for the New Year
29:02 – Getting Outdoors

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