WD Partners, Joanne Heyob: I’ll Take a Cheeseburger with a Side of Innovation, Please.

As the daughter of a restaurant operator, Joanne Heyob started off her extensive career in restaurants at the early age of 16. Her lifelong experience in restaurants and retail have been an integral part of the operations team here at WD. Joanne has spent countless hours in parking lots– observing drive-thru lines and counting cars, as well as overseeing back of house operations. In this episode, Joanne recommends four key ways that restaurant operators can adjust their drive-thru strategy to give the consumers what they want. Who knew it wasn’t all about 3-story, robot operated, elaborate drive-thrus? To learn more about Joanne’s piece on drive-thru innovation, download the FREE POV here.

2:27 – Joanne’s Early Career
4:26 – A Day in the Life at WD
6:09 – Drive-thru Break-through
10:49 – Intuitive Wayfinding
12:12 – App Adoption
13:35 – Automation
16:57– Guest Journey Reimagined
20:10 – What Makes Joanne Mad in the Industry?
22:53 – Bold Predictions
25:20 – Lee’s Lightening Round

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