EVP, Creative at WD Partners, Jay Highland: A Creative Catalyst

Activating ideas, experiencing spaces, imagining the new, and pushing innovative solutions partially covers a day in the life of a creative. Brands are constantly facing new challenges given a hybrid environment and a changed (but not dead) retail world. This episode introduces the new WD EVP of Creative, Jay Highland. He serves as a catalyst, challenging clients to think outside the box for solutions and providing them with the tools to do so. Lee Peterson and Jay exchange ideas on their design perspective with an enthusiastic attitude for innovation (and shared love for live music).

2:39 – Jay’s Background
6:10 – Being an Innovator
7:52 – Creative Consulting
9:02 – A Day in the Life
12:50 – Finding New Opportunity
16:46 – “My Brand Sucks, Please Save Me”
19:38 – Expanding Empathy
24:35 – The Inside Scoop
31:50 – A Look into Jay’s Life Outside WD
33:29 – Lee’s Lightning Round

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