From Elevating the In-office Experience to Architect of Record

Dental Care Alliance

What did we do?

Create a unified experience across DCA’s 100+ brands including new facilities, renovations, and remodels

Identified dominant brands across the 400+ locations to create a portfolio of brand experiences that stand out to customers

Developed a brand strategy, and architecture and operations guidelines through quantitative research and data-driven strategies

Served as Architect of Record for ongoing facility builds, remodels and relocations

Sink your teeth into it



Conducted in-depth qualitative research on dental experience and mapped consumer journeys to create ideal experience principles and themes


Elevated the design and created a more relaxing, localized, and stress-free experience for office remodels and relocations


Assessed existing non-clinical consumer and operational experience and opportunities to standardize the experience across defined practice categories

Architecture & Engineering

Conducted surveys, design adaptations, architectural drawings and permitting assistance for a scaled execution program in multiple regions, states and markets in conjunction with dentist partners and regional management teams as the architect of record

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