Jody Wasbro

Jody Wasbro

In the dynamic world of customer experience, Jody Wasbro (full bio) shines as a thought leader in brand, strategy, and innovation with a knack for distilling data & insights to something not only comprehensible but exciting. Jody leads WD's Strategy & Insights team, driving seamless integration with design and operations, and providing brand research, strategies, and positioning.

As SVP of Strategy & Experience Design at WD Partners, Jody brings over two decades of diverse experience to the stage, drawing heavily on past involvement in brand management and shopper marketing. From retail transformation for brick-and-mortar brands to innovations at retail for CPG brands to new food service concepts, she's been at the forefront of setting the trajectory for creating unforgettable experiences across the board. Through her passion for championing the brand, consumer, and their (retail) respective journey, attendees of her speaking engagements leave not only inspired but better equipped to revolutionize their own customer experiences.

Throughout her career, Jody has honed her ability to uncover hidden motivations that drive consumer behavior and to translate those insights into actionable strategies. Her passion for innovation knows no bounds, and her approach and methodologies have achieved proven results.

Contact Jody to Present

If you’d like Jody to present data and insights from our consumer studies or to engage with your executive management team, please contact her at Jody.Wasbro@wdpartners.com.


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