Founder and CEO of Health In Motion Network, Brian Slusser: Humanizing Healthcare

The customer is in charge. This isn’t a new idea, but it is new to the world of healthcare. As consumers have grown accustomed to receiving products at the speed of light, when and how they want it, the question becomes… how does this translate to healthcare? How can healthcare become personalized? A product with a service that you receive and interact with on your terms. Let us introduce you to this week’s podcast guest: Brian Slusser. Brian is the founder and CEO of Health In Motion Network. His company has a clear goal: to organize local providers (using innovation) onto a common patient platform in order to provide healthcare on-demand. He joins Lee Peterson to discuss the ins and outs of healthcare, how the global pandemic has brought these issues to the forefront and how is company is helping to solve them.

1:50 – Why Brian does what he does
5:45 – What Brian’s company specializes in
7:18 – State of the healthcare world
9:44 – Getting access to healthcare
13:34 – Humanizing healthcare
15:40 – Moving beyond episodic care
18:24 – Fragmentation of the healthcare industry
20:40 – Going beyond telehealth to patient engagement
24:11 – The greatest hope for healthcare
26:34 – The consumer is in charge

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Founder and CEO of Health In Motion Network, Brian Slusser: Humanizing Healthcare

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