Brian Standage, CEO of Banner Health Urgent Care Services: Setting Sights on the Triple Aim

Brian has a unique career background, building his foundation in the retail sector before diving deep into the world of healthcare at Banner Health. His foundation offers a fresh perspective on the retail consumer side of the industry. Brian and Dan enthusiastically discuss new and unexpected retailers that are entering the healthcare market and how this can change the game for the patient experience including what services can be offered, how the services are consumed, how they can integrate with their current products/services, and how retailers can benefit by expanding into new markets. Brian is confident that this is the most exciting time to be in the healthcare retail space as the near future promises great innovation.

0:57 – Brian's Role at Banner Health
1:45 – An Untraditional Path to Healthcare
3:36 – Retail as an Advantage
5:46 – The Triple AIM
7:47 – Transitioning Away From "Patient"
10:11 – Big News for Amazon!
12:43 – Are Big Retailers a Threat?
14:47 – A New Type of Urgent Care
18:23 – Dollar General as a Healthcare Provider
24:40 – "Rightsizing" Business
27:16 – Looking Into the Crystal Ball

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