2023 Health + Wellness Trends

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Our resident Health + Wellness practice leader and EVP, Dan Stanek, shares his predictions for the top 3 Trends in Health + Wellness for 2023.

Trend #1: Retailization of Healthcare

Last year was a sea-change for retail health, as major players like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Amazon were extremely active in the acquisition of clinical services in primary care, home care, and telehealth/virtual health. Given the weak state of many health systems at this time, deep-pocketed retailers are likely to continue this expansion of services through some acquisitions and integration of the acquisitions already made into new models of convenient access to health care. 2023 will see dramatic escalation of retail health’s share of everyday healthcare.

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The Retalization of Healthcare

Trend #2: Reimagining Pharmacy

The pandemic provided a whole new revenue stream to pharmacies with testing and vaccination services that proved to be a traffic and profit driver. Pharmacies are trying to build on that momentum and reimagine the role of the pharmacist to de-emphasize pill-dispensing and highlight the clinical services and consultation expertise of these highly trained practitioners. With more automated and centralized ability to process medicines, pharmacies will not need as much physical inventory of medicines in the store, so it is imperative to replace that service with a more productive use of prized pharmacist time. In 2023, more chain pharmacies will expand automated and central filling and trial new formats of traditional pharmacy operations.

Reimagining Pharmacy

Trend #3: Women’s Health and Family Health

Women’s health is exploding, as new specialty entrants are starting up and gaining attention. These new entrants are redefining and expanding the traditional offering to include whole person care, fertility, menopause care and other services. They are delivering these expanded services in an environment and experience that is distinctly non-traditional and designed to appeal to its core consumer base. In 2023, expect to see a great expansion of locations for these new entrants, as well as more new concepts. Healthcare providers are also waking up to the potential in this specialty and starting to rethink their approach to services and experience.

Women's Health and Family Health

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